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Income and Expenditure form

Mars Capital will always seek to understand the circumstances of its customers and help them, using all reasonable means available, return to long term financial stability. It is important that we understand your current financial situation to assess the affordability and sustainability of your mortgage and where possible agree an affordable monthly arrangement. To do this we ask that you complete an Income and Expenditure form.

Please download and complete the income and expenditure form (simply click on the link above), sending it together with copies of your last three month’s bank statements and three month’s payslips (or if you are self-employed, your most recent SA302). We also request that you only send us photocopies of any evidence you supply rather than the original documents, as we cannot return these to you once they have been submitted.

The completed form should be posted to the address below:

Mars Capital
Capella Building
60 York Street
G2 8JX

If you would prefer, you can submit your evidence to us by email at

Tariff of mortgage charges

Our tariff of mortgage charges sets out all of our current fees and charges that you may incur on your mortgage.