Information and guidance

Information and guidance

Making your monthly mortgage payment - payment options

Pay online

You can pay online using your debit card. Just click here and follow the instructions. Please ensure that you have your Case ID/Account number handy. We do not accept credit card payments and payment should only be made by a debit card holder whose name is on the mortgage account.

Automatically by monthly standing order - an easier way to pay

Ask your account manager to send through a standing order mandate.

Please note that Mars must receive your mortgage payment in cleared funds within the calendar month. Please discuss with your bank the most appropriate date to set the standing order up for.

Automatically by Direct Debit - an easier way to pay

Here are just a few reasons why Direct Debit may be the right way to pay your mortgage.

Direct Debits – giving you peace of mind

Direct Debit is one of the easiest, safest and most reassuring ways of making your monthly mortgage payment*. Your monthly mortgage payments are made automatically, so they are not overlooked, eliminating the risk of late payment fees and charges+.

Help your credit rating. Paying by Direct Debit can help to ensure that your credit rating is not affected by overlooking your mortgage payment.

The Direct Debit Guarantee protects you and your money. It's offered by all financial institutions that take part in the scheme.

Direct Debits – saving you time

It takes away the drudgery associated with making your monthly mortgage payments.  Direct Debits puts an end to queuing at the bank, writing cheques or withdrawing cash and filling in paying in slips.

Direct Debits are guaranteed

Direct Debit payments come with a guarantee so you're automatically protected by three important safeguards:

  • An immediate money back guarantee from your bank in the event of an error
  • Advance notice if your monthly payment changes
  • The right to cancel at any time

Matters to consider

Please note that we can only accept Direct Debit Instructions for a bank account in the name of an individual who is named on the mortgage. For joint bank accounts, all of the parties to the bank account must be parties to the mortgage and all parties must sign the Direct Debit Instruction.

Direct Debits - please note

*  That your mortgage payment will be taken via Direct Debit on the last day of each month.  If the last day of the month falls on a Weekend or Bank Holiday then the Direct Debit payment will be requested on the prior working day. 

  Should your bank return a Direct Debit unpaid your bank will make a charge.  Please refer to your Bank’s Tariff and Charges. Should your bank return a Direct Debit unpaid Mars Capital can make an Administration charge of £10.00. Please refer to your monthly statement for our current Tariffs and Charges.

 Mars Capital is not recommending this payment method to you and if you are in any doubt whether making your monthly mortgage payments by Direct Debit is suitable to your circumstances, we suggest that you seek independent advice, for example, from the CAB or the CCCS.

Over the counter at any Barclays Bank branch via a paying in slip

Please ask your account manager to provide you with our bank details.

Cybercrime and Fraud

Please be aware that fraudsters may seek to undertake various types of fraud and cybercrime. To protect yourself from these threats, please continue to be vigilant with phishing emails received or emails with attachments that may contain malware.

Be alert to suspicious phone calls, texts or emails from anyone claiming to be from the bank. Trusted organisations will NEVER ask you for your full PIN or password or ask you to move money from your account.

Did you know that you could qualify for lower mortgage payments?

Changes to the way mortgage lenders calculate whether a mortgage is affordable have made it simpler for you to obtain a cheaper mortgage with a new lender (*if you meet the eligibility criteria), and we believe you may be able to take advantage of this. In order to understand how to switch to a new mortgage, and to obtain free financial advice, contact the Money Advice Service at:

Important: Mars Capital does not carry out mortgage lending servicers, however, other mortgage lenders may be able to offer you a new mortgage on a lower rate.

*An eligible consumer is one who already has a mortgage contract and would like to move to a new mortgage for the same value as the current, outstanding balance; which must be secured on the same property. Eligible customers are those who do not currently have, or at any point within the 12 months prior to the application, have had any payment shortfall.

Your interest rate

There are a variety of interest rates and your monthly statement will confirm which rate your mortgage tracks.

(BBR) Bank of England Base Rate  

This is the rate the Bank of England sets at its monthly meetings of The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC).

(LIBOR)  London Inter Bank Offered Rate

This is the rate at which banks borrow funds from each other in London. There are a number of LIBOR rates and it is important to check your mortgage offer and or terms and conditions, to confirm which LIBOR rate your mortgage tracks. If your account is LIBOR based, rates are set quarterly.

To read through the full list of LIBOR FAQs, please click here

(SVR) Standard Variable Rate

This rate is set by Mars Capital and will vary with general market conditions which could be either changes to LIBOR and or BBR.

Reporting to Credit Reference Agencies

Mars Capital report customer payment information to Experian Limited.

Free Money advice: Useful Links

Advice is available from the FCA and also the Money Advice Service

Click on the links below for further support: