What we do

What we do

Unlike most other mortgage companies, Mars Capital doesn’t market mortgage products via a network of branches, mortgage brokers or the internet. Instead, we buy mortgage portfolios from other lenders and then manage the administration of those mortgages.

We are, therefore, a mortgage administrator and servicer. The mortgages we administer are our own; we have purchased them from other lenders and have legal ownership of the loan agreements.

We manage every aspect of mortgage administration, using our own mortgage experts and technology to provide our customers with a high quality and reliable service.

We help customers address a wide range of issues relating to their mortgages, including:

  • Making monthly mortgage payments
  • Resolving payment difficulties
  • Providing annual mortgage and redemption statements
  • Issues relating to selling the property
  • Issues relating to letting
  • Deeds of postponement
  • Changes to the mortgage contract

Customers wanting to make mortgage payments can do so by clicking here.

All other enquiries can be made by contacting us in one of the following ways (please quote your mortgage agreement number on all correspondence, or have it with you if you are phoning us):

Email: info@marscapital.co.uk

Phone: 0330 818 6000

Fax: 0330 33 55 222


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